Monday, 14 October 2013

The Amazing Race

I heard the water rushing past,
I saw the men running,
I felt excited,
I wondered if we were going to win!

- Jasmin Boyd

I heard the people cheering for me,
I saw seagulls flying across the sky,
I felt the wind blowing me away,
I wondered if I would tip over or not,
and I wondered if we beat Oracle.

- Jordyn Adams

I heard the wind roaring like a lion,
I saw some men running across the boat,
I felt happy,
I wondered if the people were proud of me.

- Frances Harpley

Monday, 16 September 2013

Mood writing

When I'm angry, I feel like a very hot volcano.
When I'm happy, I want to jump over the moon.

- Tom Harvey


When I'm happy, I skip with glee.
When I'm tired, I fall asleep.
When I'm miserable, I be quiet.
When I'm glum, I cry.
When I'm scared, I shake my head.
When I'm surprised, I open my mouth.
When I'm angry, I stomp my feet.

- Jasmin Boyd


When I'm happy, I feel like a morning star.
When I'm mad, I erupt like a volcano!
When I'm glum, I feel sad.
When I'm tired, I feel sleepy.

- Dylan Batchelor